Skin care, I did not even know the procedure, I accomplished a change in the skin that foundation got familiar with.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

I have never skincare properly until now.
In the morning washing the face with water, at night in the bath washing only with facial wash.
Since it washes in the evening and only sleeping afterwards, I thought that I do not have to use facial cleanser, especially in the morning.

However, my age also became mature in my 30s and I also gave birth, so there was a change in the state of my skin.
Originally it was a dry skin but sensitive skin, so I never even made up my makeup.
I thought that painting somewhat on my face would cause extra roughness and itching.

However, at any moment I was watching the lotion lotion CM, I thought that I should be such a glossy skin.
I never thought of such a thing before. And if you happen to be next to the owner, ask the cosmetic store people? As I told such things, I heard about the color of the foundation that matches my skin color from how to wash my face.
I purchased cosmetics for the first time.
However, even though painting all-in-one gel painted with a heart-warming feeling, it is a liquid foundation that makes dry skin more conspicuous rather than becoming beautiful, but the powdery feeling was in a state of circle.
I thought that the way was wrong, the next day, I heard the way in a different shop.

Then, it was told that the skin should have firm basic cosmetics first than foundation because there is not enough moisture on the skin.
Since then, I kept cosmetics plus all - in - one gel without missing morning and night.
In my opinion there was no sense that skin condition changed dramatically in particular.

However, the other day, I applied a liquid foundation that I have not used for a long time.
Then, the powdery feeling disappeared, and it began to grow to the skin.
I do not paint everyday, but I feel like I'm painting with sunscreen feeling, but I think I will do lipstick and eye line little by little.

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